Wolfcast Toronto

What is Wolfcast Toronto?

Wolfcast Toronto is the brainchild of Chris Papaioannou and Dario Passarelli. We are not experts in rugby, nor do we do have 100 years of rugby experience. We did not play the game of rugby, or if we did… we are positive it didn’t look anything like rugby should. But we have swerved our hips a little; got tackled a little, fought a little and even drank a little (little is in the eye of the waitress); So we can say with confidence that we are somewhat familiar with some of the aspects of the sport.

What both of us realized recently, is that there is a city, if not a country of regular sports enthusiasts who would love the Toronto Wolfpack and the game of rugby if they were introduced to it like we were.  Who better to do that than two guys who are not elitist know-it-alls, but regular hockey-raised Canadians, who will be learning along the way with you.

Wolfcast Toronto is therefore a series of podcasts, articles and pictures we hope people will find informative as much as they do  entertaining.

For the more experienced rugby fan, don’t fret as we will have some exclusive interviews with players, coaches, and others in the rugby world that we believe will help satisfy your cravings for more Toronto Wolfpack coverage. Plus, you’ll have a great opportunity (a few we’re sure) to just poke fun at the things we don’t know… yet.

Listen to our podcast, read a post or just look at some of the pictures.  Just like being at a live rugby game, this is best experienced with your favourite beer <cough cough> cup of tea. Don’t be afraid to let us know what you think and more importantly… continue to support the Toronto Wolfpack.

Chris & Dario

Run With The Pack