Wolfcast Toronto 001 – Then There Was One

Synopsis: Chris and Dario begin their first podcast discussing the Clash of the Undefeated match between the Toronto Wolfpack and the Barrow Raiders. The 70-2 victory of the Wolfpack have left them now as the only undefeated team in the League. The boys go on to describe how well Barrow played despite that scoreline.

We then hear a few clips of the post game conference where Wolfpack coach Paul Rowley speaks about the victory, his change in tactics and about how disciplined the teams were. CEO Eric Perez then talks about the positive growth in home game experience since their home opener.

Chris and Dario discuss the finer points of Coach Rolls and how his accent (yes, in Toronto we selfishly say he is the one with the accent) but how his accent just makes everything he says correct. Dario nearly swallowed his tongue when he had to admit that the smooth game could have also been attributed to good refereeing. Imagine that… a referee being praised… that is soooo unTorontonian!!

We then hear from Chris Park, who is a rugby blogger and who traveled with the Barrow team to Toronto. Unfortunately, wind played havoc with the audio so we had to cut out some portions. Chris was in town to help the team with their social media and to help spread the word back home to the Barrow fans in the UK. He mentioned how he felt British fans have taken to the Wolfpack, saying they are split 50-50 between the traditionalists and the expansionists.

Since Chris and Dario are new to rugby and know very little (as we assume most people in Toronto are as well) we have decided to end the first episode with a contest between Chris and Dario to help build everyone’s knowledge of anything rugby related. The segment is called I know more about rugby than you!”

Dario asked What year did the Barrow Raiders form and Chris obviously didn’t know it was 1875 which lead to a discussion about how deep the history of this sport is. Chris then asked about the Barrow’s mascot, which Dario had a great guess, but was wrong. Go figure! Chris responded that the Barrow mascot was like a Viking aka a Raider.

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Chris and Dario

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