WOLFCAST Toronto 003 – Coveting Coventry

Synopsis: We start the third episode stating how we are in withdrawal from having no recent Wolfpack game. We introduce our special guest for today, Alan Robinson who is the owner and founder of the Coventry Bears.

We announce our first ever contest for a Limited Edition Coventry Bears Rugby Ball! Trivia questions are somewhere on this site!

The interview with Alan starts about his trip to Toronto and then touches on how nice rugby people in general are; how supportive he is regarding expansion and the Wolfpack. We get into a bit of history, geography of Coventry and how well the team is involved with the community.

We end the show as we usually do with our I know more about Rugby than you segment. Dario’s question is about the most lopsided scores in rugby and Chris’ question is regarding the nickname of Alan Robinson himself. Yup, you guessed it, the score remains 0-0 but we are getting closer and closer to getting a question right.


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Coventry Bears @CoventryBearsRL
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4 Replies to “WOLFCAST Toronto 003 – Coveting Coventry”

  1. Very enjoyable yet again.

    Good research too regarding the 8 point try. I’ve only ever seen a few from in the stadium. They are rare. The kicker gets two kicks at goal after the try. One is the conversion and the other from a penalty.

    I’ll let you research regarding where the ball must be kicked from for both kicks. Hint: it’s not necessarily from the one spot. The kicker might have to move locations on the field for the second kick.

    Strangely they are commonly referred to as an “8 point try” yet the regular try plus conversion is not generally referred to as a “6 point try”. A regular try plus a successful conversion is called a “converted try”.

    A penalty try is another matter altogether. That is when foul play stop a certain try from being scored. For example a defender might tackle an attacker without the ball just as s/he is diving to ground a ball sitting within the try scoring area.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. As someone who was born and raised in a part of Australia where rugby league is king it’s refreshing to hear your views on the game.

    By the way, the State of Origin three match series has started in Australia. It’s one of the biggest annual events in the world of rugby league.

  2. Really, we both just love learning about the sport and the quality of people in it, both players and fans.

    Regarding the kicks; (I’m both hopeful and confident)

    The conversion has to be taken in line (perpendicular) from where the try was scored, at a distance selected by the kicker. (that’s my confident answer)

    The penalty kick has to be taken in front of the posts (not sure if right in the middle or just anywhere between the uprights) and I am not sure whether there is a specific distance requirement. (that’s my hopeful answer :))

    Thanks for the info on the State of Origin series.. will find the schedule and see what the possibilities are to watch it from Toronto.


  3. Awesome team! So happy they came to add to the heart-pumping action of our beautiful city! The players are talented and very kind. Lovely that they greet fans and actually respond to our Twitter comments. 5 stars for this marvellous team. Xo

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