WOLFCAST Toronto 004 vs Coventry

WOLFCAST Toronto 004 – Vs Coventry

Synopsis: The fourth episode starts off with a discussion of the Battle of the Beasts between the Toronto Wolfpack and the visiting Coventry Bears.  Despite the 50ish to 12 score, Chris and Dario speak of how well the Bears played in a game most people thought would be completely lopsided.
Dario then went the extra mile and did some hard, rigorous investigative journalism… at the north end beer tent. Surprisingly, (I mean as expected) it did provide a great insight into the character of some of the Coventry players.

That leads us to the post game press conference where we have an excerpt from coach Paul Rowley, CEO Eric Perez, Tom Dempsey who made his debut for the club and Liam Kay who was Man of the Match after scoring 3 tries. Unfortunately, he hobbled off the field and was with crutches which we hope is nothing more than a rolled ankle.

We leave the press conference praising Coventry again for their positive attitude for this entire experience. What a sight watching players from both teams, coaches, some fans and officials all sharing a pint together after the game. For those not used to Rugby League like us, it was quite surreal. And as Liam Kay said at the presser, “Thats… thats just rugby league.”

Dario and Chris show much love and respect to Mr. Liam Kay who still went around the entire stadium to interact with fans, while ON CRUTCHES.

A few others are also injured which may make the lineup difficult for Coach Rowley. However, this may provide some time for some of the newer players to showcase themselves.

I Know More About Rugby Than You segment to end the show and since the score is still zero to nil, we may change the title. Chris asked which team was promoted from League One last year. Of course Dario didn’t know. Dario then asked Chris What was significant about Joe Eichner’s debut in today’s game. Chris was not familiar with the background and therefore the score remains zero to nil. We are saving an absolute bundle as we don’t have to pat stat guys if there are no stats.

The show ends with a big shout out to http://www.lasttackle.tv/ for a cool, behind the scenes video of the Wolfpack. They have released the first episode and we are all waiting for the second!


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Since a Try in Rugby League is 4 points, this contest has 4 questions. Search high, search low google to the left, google to the right for the answers… or <hint, hint> maybe, just maybe listen to the podcast and check out the Bears website for possible answers.

Once you have the answers either send via email to info@wolfcast.ca or Direct Message us on Twitter. Do not just post answers on Twitter as well, your work could give someone else the prize. Contest closes Wednesday, June 7th @ midnight. Winner will be drawn from correct entries only.

The questions are:

Prior to the Coventry Bears that Alan Robinson started in 1998, there was another Rugby team decades earlier.

1.    What was the name of that team?
2.    What year did they start?
3.    What stopped them from continuing to play?

Finally, 4) What famous Lady is associated with Coventry history?
Good Luck!!

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