WOLFCAST Toronto 005 The Player and the Person

WOLFCAST Toronto 005 – The Player and the Person

Synopsis: The fifth episode starts off with our Coventry Rugby Ball Contest and congratulations go out to John Gross!!! Contest details and answers can be found here. With the lads in the UK for the next two weeks, we decided to take a closer look at the players themselves with audio we have collected over the past few weeks.We start to discuss how the character of rugby league players make them so special. We then listen to Toronto Wolfpack Coach Paul Rowley describe how he chose this team and some of the characteristics involved. This is echoed by Eric Perez and proven, yet again, by player Liam Kay who hobbled around Lamport to thank the fans after the Coventry game despite being injured.

Next segment starts by discussing Liam Kay and Ryan Brierly how they interact with the fans and each other and more examples of not only how “nice” they are, but humble as well as we hear a clip from Brierly.

Dario’s most favourite part so far occurs as he has the opportunity to poke a little fun at Chris for his mis pronounciation. Dario is fully aware that his time is coming soon. From there we leap into a short clip from Paul Rowley discussing why Fui Fui Moi Moi has easily become a fan favourite.

We then go into our favourite segment, I Know More About Rugby Than You which we are still at zero – nil. Both Chris and Dario bring up the fact that there was an error in last week’s question and Chris does apologize for providing the incorrect answer. Thanks go out to Tony King for the corrected information.

Dario’s question is which team most likely, hates the Toronto Wolfpack the most. Chris had no answer and the reasons Dario provided are worth the listen. Chris’ question is about Wolfpack’s next opponent South Wales Ironmen and what their previous name was. Dario did make a guess and as per usual, was not even close! Score remains zero to nil! Not surprising, eh?


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