WOLFCAST Toronto 006 – Winning Big

Synopsis: We start off episode 006 by discussing the 66-0 victory of the Wolfpack over the South Wales Ironmen. Another gritty start for the underdogs in this rain filled game but eventually Toronto were able to put the game away.

Chris feels these large margins of victory may not be in the best interests of growing the game in Toronto but it is what it is. Dario also acknowledges that because Chris is always behind the camera lens, it is hard for him to follow the flow of the game at home, so watching them on TV gives him a better perspective. However being the tyrant that he is, Dario values Chris’ photos over growing his rugby league knowledge.

Speaking of rugby league knowledge, our interview with WOLFCAST Toronto’s very first contest winner, John Gross is next. We present John with the Coventry Bears Limited Edition rugby ball. John discusses being a Wolfpack season ticket holder as well as the ingame experience. We talk about the success of the Wolfpack and the rule changes on promotion to Championship League. Our discussion turns to better competition, how to get more people to the game and somehow the Hot Dog gun gets mentioned. Dario comes to the conclusion he says fantastic way too much.

Chris and Dario take a deeper dive into the promotion rules from what they were to what they have supposedly changed too. Dario espouses his familiarity with European soccer and appreciates the more European tradition where the league is more valued while Chris leans toward the North American style and prefer the excitement of a knockout playoff series. What we can agree on however, is that the Toronto Wolfpack will be one of the teams promoted.

Its time for our “I know more about rugby than you” segment. Good thing is we don’t need to spend time making any corrections for previous week (Although, we did find out that Bob Beswick is pronounced Bob Bezzik) Since we were talking about promotion and regulation, Chris asked What “trophy” does the losing team in League One get? Dario tries to explain how close his answer was (it wasn’t) but there is no budging, Dario is still at nil.

Dario then asks Chris, fans of which Rugby League team recently put in a protest to the League and what was it for? This leads into a brief discussion regarding attendance for rugby league in general. With their wonderful score still at zero points both Chris and Dario realize regardless of what happens, they will soon be demoted.


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