WOLFCAST Toronto 007 – vs Hunslet

Synopsis: The show begins with a quick overview of the Toronto Wolfpack 56-12 defeat over the visiting Hunslet Hawks. In describing the game it is hard not to mention the fantastic 150+ Hun supporters that made the trip from the UK. On the flip side however, is another blowout victory becoming common place?

Clips from the post game conference are next with coach Paul Rowley, James Laithwaite and QLT providing post game comments. Rowley discusses the beginning of the game and has no love for the ref, while Laithwaite talks about his first game in Toronto as he just came back from a serious neck injury and QLT professes his love for the city as he got his second hat trick in as many games here.

After the post game conference, Dario and Chris touch briefly on Quinn Ngawati being with the team for a few weeks. The boys then ponder what seems like a ridiculous question, but do the Toronto Wolfpack get proper respect?

We end the show with our I Know More About Rugby Than You segment and quite possibly, this may be the week that someone gets a correct answer! Maybe. Dario asks Chris about which team in the past 15 years has the best scoring average and Chris asks Dario about undefeated records. Some controversy ensues as the segment ends.

The show closes on adding yet another reason to love the Wolfpack. They participated in the Toronto Pride Parade this year.

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