WOLFCAST Toronto 009 – Vs University of Glousestershire All Golds

Synopsis: We begin the show by discussing the latest mauling by the Wolfpack as they fed on the All Golds 62-10. The discussion turns to how everyone contributed to the victory today, but the day did belong to one player.

The boys discuss the importance of Quinn Ngawati being the first person born in Canada to play Rugby League. The 18 year old shows a maturity both on and off the field and we hope he has a bright future. There is an update with regards to Ryan Brierley’s injury. Not only was he back in Toronto, but he was looking sharp. (Check out the photo section)

We then head to the post game conference and find out more about Ngawati as he, Rhys Jacks, Paul Rowley and Eric Perez attended. Pretty incredible to hear that he found out he made the team through texts from his mom while he was in Physics class.

The show ends with another edition of I Know More About Rugby Than You. The score is 2-1 in favour of Dario and he asks Chris what team did Quinn play for before joining the Wolfpack. Chris asks Dario how many times did the Wolfpack cross the goal line, only to have the All Golds stop them from scoring.

The scores are tabulated and we touch on the Hemel Stags, next week’s opponents.



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  1. I believe you are correct! I had heard he played Union (might have been for the U19s for Canada) and had just assumed that was it. I am sure Chris will have a little fun with my “assuming.” So thank you so much for providing the correct information… but not so much for pointing out my mistake. :o) hehe

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