WOLFCAST Toronto 010 – Vs Hemel Stags

Synopsis: We start the show off with a quick fanboy experience while announcing that Quinn Ngawati has signed a 2 year contract (plus the remainder of this season) with the Toronto Wolfpack. This leads straight into a recording of the contract signing where coach Paul Rowley, Simon Finnegan, Quinn Ngawati and captain Craig Hall were present.

We take a second (literally) to congratulate Ngawati and discuss how many minutes he might play during the Super 8s. We finally mention that the Wolfpack beat Hemel 74-16 and pleasantly surprised at how well Hemel played. We mention some of the stars of the game before we head straight into the post game press conference.

Props to those that have redecorated the Press Room, looks spiffy! Chris and Dario start the I Know More About Rugby Than You segment. Dario leads 3-1 and it is Chris’s turn to ask first. His question is How many substitutions are allowed during a Rugby League game. Dario then asks Which team, sadly, is undergoing some financial difficulties at this time. Tune in to see if anyone got anything right?

We end the show by mentioning that our next podcast where we go one-on-one with Ryan Brierley hopefully helps ease the two week break the team is on. We also ask fans if they have the opportunity to donate to the Swinton Lions please do so here.

A quick shout out to our friends at Last Tackle who are letting us know that Episode 3 is coming soon!


2 Replies to “WOLFCAST Toronto 010 – Vs Hemel Stags”

  1. Good podcast.

    Just to clarify, 17 players are used during a game. Clubs will sometimes announce 19 players so that a couple are available just in case one of the 17 is injured before the ref starts the game.

  2. Ok, that makes more sense now. I always assumed 19, because that is what was announced. Thankfully that wasn’t the question either… I would still have gotten it wrong. :o)

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