WOLFCAST Toronto 011 – Super Brierley

Synopsis: This show starts off with how Chris and Dario are handling being without the Wolfpack this week as we enter the break before the Super 8s. We briefly discuss the standings and upcoming schedule. We then have a quick quote from CEO Eric Perez as he talks about the Super 8s and hopefully winning promotion. No pressure.

We then enter the meat of the podcast or is that the crème de la crème as we discuss Ryan Brierley. Dario believes that he is so kind, generous and apologetic that he embodies how the world thinks of Canadians. Which is one of the highest compliments out there. We then head straight into the interview where he discusses his injury, the team, Toronto and the Super 8s.

After the interview we discuss the physicality of the sport, injuries and this leads to follow up story from last week’s substitution question. Chris tells the story of “Blood Gate.”

With a COMMANDING 3-1 lead, Dario starts this edition of the IKMARTY. His question is what happened with Jake Emmitt and Dan Fleming this week? Chris asks what is the total point difference that the Wolfpack had against only the teams they will face in the Super 8.

Dario sneaks in another question regarding Where is the place where Rugby League was born? The reason for this question is because we are very excited to announce that we are SO CLOSE to finalizing details of a trip to the UK to watch some of the Wolfpack matches. We will take this opportunity to soak up as many other RL games and as much RL history as humanly possible. We will definitely be documenting our journey by the written word, the camera’s eye and yes… through podcasts.

Blood Gate – Video

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