Wolfcast U.K Workington edition

WOLFCAST UK – Workington Edition

Synopsis: We start off this special UK edition of the show by figuring out where in the UK we are and briefly talk about our adventures getting to Workington. Big shout out to Gary who helped us out immensely showing us around Derwent Park.

We then had an opportunity to interview from Premier Sports, fellow Canadian Aaron Murphy as he talks about his work, the Wolfpack and Toronto.

That leads us into the Wolfpack 68-0 victory and we get a one-on-one brief interview Wolfpack Coach Rowley.

This was our first endeavour into a hostile crowd environment sowe discuss that and happy to note that once the final whistle blew, they were wonderful fans.

Speaking of passionate fans, we then have a brief interview with Rob and Caz who can now be spotted at every single UK Wolfpack game. Great fans, great people and we hope one day we can provide them as warm a welcome in Toronto.

We then poke fun at Dario (wait, that’s me!) and his UK driving skills or lack thereof and close the show with the one constant this trip… rain.

Toronto Wolfpack: @TOwolfpack
Workington Town: @WorkingtonTown
Gary: @mckeatingphoto
Aaron Murphy: @MurphOnIce
Premier Sports: @PremierSportsTV
Rob and Caz: @RobnCaz
Wolfcast Toronto: @wolfcastto


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