WOLFCAST Toronto 013 – Vs Newcastle Thunder

Synopsis: The show starts of by mentioning we are short staffed today as Chris is absent and therefore this episode will be shorter than normal. Dario then discusses the 50-0 victory of the Wolfpack over the visiting Newcastle Thunder.  Making particular note of the home side’s defence and keeping their energy throughout the entire 80 minutes.

Great to be back at the Den after being away for so long.  We still have plenty of audio to get out from our trip to the UK and hope to do that during the break next week.  Hopefully that will get us ready for the two most important games of the season as they face Barrow and Whitehaven. 

Before dwelling on the future we head right into the post game press conference that was held by Coach Paul Rowley, Dan Fleming and Rhys Jacks.

After the audio clip, Dario touches base on Rowley’s use of the word family and expands that concept to the fans as they expressed how proud they are of having brought people to their first rugby league game today and that helped set the Wolfpack record attendance of 7522. So your homework for next week is to find a friend and share what a fantastic sporting experience this is.

Since it would be unfair to have an IKMARTY segment this week (Dario feels he “could” answer his own question) we decide to throw out a tip for new followers of rugby league and how to easily keep track of what tackle number a team is on.


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