WOLFCAST Toronto 015 – Vs Whitehaven

Synopsis: Jam packed episode again as we quickly touch on the 36-18 victory over Whitehaven. Chris is in town and was at the game but our schedules did clash and we couldn’t get together in time to get this episode out. The first audio we have is the post game press conference as we hear from Coach Paul Rowley and Fuifui Moimoi.

We then head into a series of interviews we did with a few of the players while we were in the UK and find out if it is safe to call Adam Sidlow ‘Big Bad Sid’; legend Fuifui Moimoi speaks about what may happen next year and Jake Emmitt and Jonny Pownall have some fun with us as we discuss red cards, Oasis, driving in Toronto, who is a control freak and the potential of a big, big party.

Keep your eyes & ears open for a @CanadaRL announcement coming soon that may or may not have anything to

It is time to look at life beyond sports and we make mention of the Violet Grace Charity Wolfpack Basketball jerseys to help promote #OrganDonationWeek.  There are only a few left so you may want to hurry before they are gone. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/shop/violet-grace-basketball-jersey/

We also get a little closer to home and give a big Get Well to Kendra one of the Wolfpack’s biggest fans who unfortunately was not able to attend the last game. We challenge all you wonderful Wolfpack fans to find out more about her cause and give a helping hand by meeting or beating our $20 donation to Kendra’s Kampaign. You can find out more information and donate here –   https://www.gofundme.com/kendras-kampaign


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