WolfcastTV S01E04 The Wolfpack Derby

When roller derby and rugby league cross paths.

We are back again and by back again I mean this is back-to-back weeks where we have had back-to-back daily releases of WolfcastTV. What does this all mean?

It means when it comes to all things Toronto Wolfpack… then Wolfcast Toronto has your back! Yeah… I know that was quite a stretch, so sue me.

Anyway, episode 4 is a great episode where we go on location, have two wonderful guests from the Smoke City Bandits roller derby team of the Toronto Roller Derby League.

And a challenge is issued to the Wolfpack players! Tune in to find out what our special guests are about, how they are connected to the Toronto Wolfpack and why you should check out the next roller derby event http://torontorollerderby.com/ as they are a ton of fun!! Rugby League on skates.



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