WOLFCAST Toronto S02E02

Synopsis: Although Chris and Dario have been working on other projects (check out WolfcastTV on youtube!) we have come out with our second podcast of the season. We briefly discuss the most recent Toronto Wolfpack victory over Halifax RLFC and how this season is differing from last season. 

Being a little more Rugby League savvy, we appreciate more of the nuances. For example a greater appreciation for Rowley’s coaching decisions and the greater importance on a kicking game. The competition has certainly picked up but that has only made each game more exciting.

Despite the bad Toronto weather, we do miss the Wolfpack home games and we can’t wait until they start up at Lamport again. We also look forward to next week’s match as it will be a battle for first place with the London Broncos.

You can watch the game on:

For something a little different, check out WolfcastTV! There are a few episodes out on youtube, here is the first one – https://youtu.be/qJiLwaaElJ


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