WolfcastTV S01E06 Looking Back

Chris & Dario take a small trip down memory lane.

We look at some of the memorable moments we experienced while covering the Toronto Wolfpack in their inaugural season. We touch on our trip to the UK, which includes stops at Workington and Keighley and some of those lane ways they call 2 way roads.

We talk about interactions with players such as Ryan Brierly, Craig Hall and coach Paul Rowley.

Of course, we end with the Promotion celebrations in those last two weeks and the crowd participation throughout.

We ask any and all fans to submit a short video and/or photos of their favourite 2017 Wolfpack moments and we will include them in a future episode!

Send them along with a little blurb describing that magical moment to dario@wolfcast.ca

For continuing donation in memory of Violet Grace: @livelifegivelifeuk (a UK-based organ donation charity)



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