WOLFCAST Toronto S02E03 Cory Paterson

Synopsis: Chris and Dario forget how early 10am on a Sunday feels… but it is well worth it as they get to see the Toronto Wolfpack defeat Swinton Lions 52-12 at 3 Brasseurs in Liberty village and get to meet one of the newest Wolf, Cory Paterson.

We start off talking about the game including Rene Maitua’s first appearance with the team and some great performances from everyone, including QLT who didn’t seem as sharp in earlier weeks but was spot on today.

We then talk about the great Away game experience at the 3 Brasseurs where plenty of fans go to watch the Wolfpack play when they are not at the Den.

The schedule is “technically” a little light coming up as they play teams at the bottom of the table, but then then face Featherstone and Toulouse within 4 days of one another.

Special appearance by injured Cory Paterson at 3 Brasseurs and we get into the Q & A session he had with fans, plus we have a one on one interview with Cory – check out WolfcastTV on youtube!

We close the show by discussing how tough a job Paul Rowley has when those that are injured and suspended come back, how do you decide who to sit out?

You can watch Toronto Wolfpack games on:

@3BrasseursCA – with other Wolfpack fans!
@GameTVCanada and @cbcsports (Online)
https://www.torontowolfpacktv.com/ (online streaming for those outside of Canada and UK)

For something a little different, check out and subscribe to WolfcastTV! There are a few episodes out on youtube, here is the first one – https://youtu.be/qJiLwaaElJ



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