WOLFCAST Toronto S02E04 Mid Season Update

Synopsis: Chris and Dario would first and foremost like to give our condolences to those affected by the tragic events on Yonge & Finch. This recording was done the day before the tragedy within a few feet of that very corner. #TorontoStrong

We start the podcast discussing the fantastic game in round 5 of the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup where the Toronto Wolfpack defeated the Barrow Raiders. We go on to discuss some of the other results, including a few surprising results.

Dario sums up his thoughts of the first half of the season in one question… who is on the team? The crew then discuss some of the changes, some of the injuries and everything else that is making this season a topsy-turvey lineup scramble every week.

This moves into the schedule itself and the lack of home games to this point. We feel unfortunate that the first game is played at Fletcher’s Field due to the lack of size, but understandable considering the repairs at the Den are not completed.

Chris brings up the few incidents that we heard about the UK Wolfpack clan getting physically assaulted by some idiots. Nothing like that happened last year and although Chris understands some taunting during the game, lets just all have a beer together after the game.

We move on to discuss what’s coming up the rest of the season considering we are hopelessly waiting for our team to come home. A quick look at the standings and how the next few weeks could be instrumental where they finish in the season.

A discussion on some of the difficulties with regards to fans getting season’s tickets and or responses. (Editor’s Note: The day after the recording we have seen tweets with fans getting their tickets so… hooray!!)

We end of wishing the Toronto Wolfpack luck on the rest of the season as well as how we can’t wait to see all the fans we met last year who are now considered friends.


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Toronto Wolfpack TV (online streaming for those outside of Canada and UK)

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