WOLFCAST Toronto 016 – Champions

Synopsis: The Wolfpack are champions! Chris is back! We start off the podcast on a high note and discuss the post match championship celebrations after both the Barrow Raiders and Doncaster games. With no press conferences to cover and our decision to let the players enjoy the moment rather than interview them, this podcast is a little more raw than normal. Continue reading “WOLFCAST Toronto 016 – Champions”

WOLFCAST Toronto 015 – Vs Whitehaven

Synopsis: Jam packed episode again as we quickly touch on the 36-18 victory over Whitehaven. Chris is in town and was at the game but our schedules did clash and we couldn’t get together in time to get this episode out. The first audio we have is the post game press conference as we hear from Coach Paul Rowley and Fuifui Moimoi. Continue reading “WOLFCAST Toronto 015 – Vs Whitehaven”

WOLFCAST Toronto 014 – Through UK Eyes

Synopsis: This episode is the second of our UK edition and tries to give a view of how people in the UK see the Toronto Wolfpack and what kind of impact the Wolfpack have had on rugby league and the UK itself. Unfortunately, Chris was absent as we put this together but we wanted to get the audio out during this bi-week. Continue reading “WOLFCAST Toronto 014 – Through UK Eyes”

WOLFCAST Toronto 013 – Vs Newcastle Thunder

Synopsis: The show starts of by mentioning we are short staffed today as Chris is absent and therefore this episode will be shorter than normal. Dario then discusses the 50-0 victory of the Wolfpack over the visiting Newcastle Thunder.  Making particular note of the home side’s defence and keeping their energy throughout the entire 80 minutes. Continue reading “WOLFCAST Toronto 013 – Vs Newcastle Thunder”

Wolfcast U.K Workington edition

WOLFCAST UK – Workington Edition

Synopsis: We start off this special UK edition of the show by figuring out where in the UK we are and briefly talk about our adventures getting to Workington. Big shout out to Gary who helped us out immensely showing us around Derwent Park. Continue reading “Wolfcast U.K Workington edition”

WOLFCAST Toronto 009 – Vs University of Glousestershire All Golds

Synopsis: We begin the show by discussing the latest mauling by the Wolfpack as they fed on the All Golds 62-10. The discussion turns to how everyone contributed to the victory today, but the day did belong to one player. Continue reading “WOLFCAST Toronto 009 – Vs University of Glousestershire All Golds”

WOLFCAST Toronto 008 – Vs York City Knights

Synopsis: The show begins on a sad note as we mention the sudden passing of Ric Suggitt and Adam Cooper. Suggitt was 58 and he died of a brain aneurysm. He had coached both the men’s and women’s Canadian Rugby team. Continue reading “WOLFCAST Toronto 008 – Vs York City Knights”

WOLFCAST Toronto 007 – vs Hunslet

Synopsis: The show begins with a quick overview of the Toronto Wolfpack 56-12 defeat over the visiting Hunslet Hawks. In describing the game it is hard not to mention the fantastic 150+ Hun supporters that made the trip from the UK. Continue reading “WOLFCAST Toronto 007 – vs Hunslet”