Chris Papaioannou

Although not as big a sports fanatic as Dario, I too can certainly be childish and giddy at times. I was introduced to the Toronto Wolfpack when Dario showed me the logo over a pint. Did I think it was cool? Yes. Did I know anything about rugby? Admittedly, and a little bit ashamedly, not that much. Has that changed? Absolutely!

I have had the fantastic opportunity to attend every home game, meet the players and the rest of the organization.

Although not a full time professional photographer, I have been able to enjoy and introduce my new second favourite sport (Formula 1 racing, at least for now, remains my number one but rugby league is a very close second) to my beloved city of Toronto. Not only through this website but through the @wolfcastto twitter account as well, both of which I hope you will all enjoy.

Thank you to everyone that has welcomed us to the world of rugby, including the Toronto Wolfpack, many from the UK, and strangely enough, even a fan located as far away from us as Australia. I look forward to all that the Toronto Wolfpack and the world of rugby have to offer.

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