Dario Passarelli

Just in case there is any confusion, I’m the shorter one in the picture. Customer Service superhero by day and by night, I am a childishly giddy sports journalist. I constantly marvel at the experiences I have already had in my brief “part-time” career and yet drool in anticipation of those that may soon come. I write posts for fredi Sports online magazine; I have covered the Pan American Games for CBC Sports; interviewed professional and amateur athletes and I’m even part of a wrestling podcast called As the Heel Turns. I am a proud papa to two mischievous boys who are yet kind enough to indulge their daddy while they listen to another one of his long winded sports stories.

I heard about the Toronto Wolfpack and thought hmm, maybe I could write a blurb about them. As I began to understand what the historical significance of the franchise could mean I thought, maybe I could write one article. Then I saw the logo, streamed matches, attended media Day, interviewed the players, watched a live game and with each step I became more and more engulfed within the sport. Forget about an article, I wanted more and so did Chris. Wolfcast Toronto was born.

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